• Universal Remote

    A compact remote control for hundreds of Smart TV models.

Universal Remote Control for Popular Smart TVs

Smart TV Universal Remote supports hundreds of models with various operating systems and screen resolutions, ranging from basic models no longer in manufacture to 2019 novelties with the most powerful hardware.
  • One Screen. A Multitude of Functions
  • Remote Controls for 9 TV Platforms
  • Touchpad Instead Of Buttons

One Screen. A Multitude of Functions

Most TV remote controls contain about 50 buttons, but usually, you hardly use more than 10. We have grouped the buttons function-wise to keep the remote simple yet allowing you to access any function with just one click.
  • Digits.
  • Playback control.
  • Special functions (color buttons).
  • Connected devices.
  • Specific buttons for a TV platform.

Remote Controls for 9 TV Platforms

The remote differs depending on not only the Smart TV manufacturer but also the type of operating system. For example, LG TVs are running both NetCast and WebOS, and our application has a different set of functions for each platform.
  • Samsung TVs with Tizen OS & Orsay OS.
  • LG TVs with WebOS OS & NetCast OS.
  • Sony TVs with Android TV OS.
  • Philips TVs with Android TV OS & Net TV OS.
  • Panasonic TVs with Firefox OS.
  • Vizio TVs with Android TV OS.

Touchpad Instead Of Buttons

We, at Kraftwerk 9, are confident that navigation with swipe gestures is much more convenient than by pressing regular "down" or "right" buttons, not distracting you from the most important thing: searching for your favorite movie or series on the TV.
  • Functions of navigation buttons.
  • Content selection with just one tap.

Still Can’t Turn the TV On?

In a word, you can, but under one condition. iOS devices do not have an IR port like an ordinary remote control does, and therefore, the software remote works differently. All signals sent to the TV are transmitted via your home Wi-Fi network.

Most new Smart TV models support the Wake-on-LAN function. It is possible only if you had already been connected to the TV earlier. Therefore, when using the application for the first time, you will need a hardware remote control. After that, you can use your Universal Remote.

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Control your Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, Panasonic and Philips Smart TVs.