• Remotie

    Stylish and multifunctional remote with a keypad for all Samsung Smart TVs released from 2011

The Best Remote Control for Samsung Smart TV

Remotie is not just another mobile remote control for Samsung TV.
We adapted the best of the original remotes for mobile devices
to enable you to easily control your Smart TV.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Impressive compatibility
  • Touchpad instead of buttons

User-friendly interface

All the important commands you need to control your Smart TV are concentrated on two screens. Quickly switch between numbers, navigation buttons and touchpad.
  • Buttons are grouped by function.
  • Quick access to popular commands.
  • Names are the same as on the original remote control.
  • Screens are not overloaded with keys.

Impressive compatibility

This app allows you to control the majority of Samsung Smart TVs released after 2011. These are hundreds of models with a wide variety of features.
  • Series R, N, Q, M, K, L, J, H, F, E, D.
  • Support of the latest TVs running on Tizen OS.
  • Support of Curved and 4K models.
  • Improved TV search in Wi-Fi network.
  • Automatic connection after background mode.

Touchpad instead of buttons

You no longer need to look on the phone screen to make sure that you are going to press the desired navigation button. The large touchpad makes it easy to focus on finding content.
  • Functions of navigation buttons in the menu and TV apps.
  • Works like a cursor in the Browser.
  • Content selection with just one tap.
  • Colored buttons for functions in TV apps.