• Remotie

    Stylish and multifunctional remote with a keypad for all Samsung Smart TVs released from 2011
  • Remote for Sony TV

    Minimalistic and exciting design. User-friendly button layout. Perfect remote for Sony Bravia TV.
  • Rokie

    Excellent remote with a large touchpad that will make you love your Roku Player even more.
  • Castio

    User-friendly browser that will allow you to find videos and play them on your Chromecast device.
  • Smartify

    Remote for LG TV, which, in addition to standard features, offers text input, quick navigation and launch of TV apps.
  • PanRC

    Easy-to-use remote for Panasonic Viera TV with navigation and playback control buttons.
  • Smurple

    App for controlling popular TCL Roku TV. Also suitable for Roku TV from Insignia, Hitachi, RCA, Sharp.
  • Universal Remote

    A compact remote control for hundreds of Smart TV models.

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